Story, Free Find out why NIE is the preferred and recommended UCAT and Medical Interview training provider. Standard Grade (Grade 2 or intermediate 2 equivalents): Note: If only one of Biology or Chemistry is taken at Higher, then the student must take the other science at Advanced Higher and achieve Grade A in both. Recommendations if your UCAT score is below 2850: James Cook University (Medicine) - the selection is based on ATAR, Application, Interview. UCAS code: A100. Up to an additional 15 points will be awarded if you meet at least two criteria based on contextual information (applies to UK school leavers only). Some arrangements may need modifying to ensure any future government advice is upheld. Early clinical exposure is provided, so it is a good transition from pre-clinical years to clinical years. // Capricorn Man Chasing Pisces Woman, Kaore Te Aroha Moteatea, Huey Magoos Sauce Ingredients, Rice Salad Recipe Delia Smith, Articles N